I'm photographing the life I live 


My artistic work is focused on street photography and daily unobtrusive documentary series or single shots.

I'm keen to convey real life as is. The truth is more important than staged beauty.

I use film as the most truthful, honest medium which supports my attitude to what I create.

The analog process which stands behind the result provides the deepest possible focus on the object and unbeatable quality when all the worthy photographs will go through a 100% analog process to be reproduced in a real silver halide prints.



Photography is a deeply personal thing for me and I'm trying to keep it free of any external influence. It is not a source of a key income which makes my living. My professional life, my job is about Marketing, Brand, Communication strategy — check out my Linked In page to learn more — and contact me if you need something about that. Especially if you are involved in art and photography and looking for marketing strategy advice.

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