Fire in Kato Polemidia

Fire In Kato Polemidia

September, 05, 2018
Limassol, Cyprus

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The fire has started on the west from a buit area and then was brought by wind to the yard full of old cars and scrap metal according to eyewitnesses.

At the time of shooting, the fire was localized, but firefighters still were in a huge tension to not let it ignite again, to save the house. There was a risk that some of this cars still have fuel in tanks. It is unknow if there were functioning cars among the scrap. 

There were at least two water cisterns used to provide water to the fire brigade besides available water supply in the area and a lot of volunteers who were running arround with any avaialbe tools to not let the fire go further to their houses.

Kato Polemidia, the edge of a built area.

Kato Polemidia, the edge of a built area.

Kato Polemidia mayor Nicos Anastasiou talking to a volunteer.

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